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Photo Gallery | Wounded Warriors Get Custom-Fit Clubs and Golf Gear to Get Back in the Game

Seven DC-area soldiers recovering from injuries from their tours in Iraq and/or Afghanistan were outfitted with new golf gear this morning so that they can return to the sport they love. The injured veterans, all members of the Wounded Warriors Project, received equipment from golf retailer Golfsmith and COBRA PUMA Golf at Golfsmiths's store in Tyson's Corner. 

The custom fitting was done with a computerized swing analysis to study every aspect of each player's swing. The system then recommends the right type of club and even the specific set-up of the clubs, including the shaft flex, loft, and lie. Re-entering civilian life can be a challenge for US service members, and finding ways to transition back to old pastimes, such as the game of golf, can be priceless.

"In my transition, social rehabilitation is just as important as physical rehabilitation, due to emotional and mental stress on the battlefield. For me, golf provides a 360 degree approach that encompasses all aspects of life. It provides wounded warriors with a game to constantly build on in the future as well as an outlet for emotional and physical energy," said United States Marine Corps Sergeant Michael Wilson, who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Today wounded warriors Russ Logan (Memphis, TN), Brendan Hart (New York, NY), Arthur Rizer (Alexandria, VA), Chad Ellinger (Staunton, VA), Adam Popp (Baltimore, MD), Patrick Murray (Arlington, VA), and Ryan Kules (Severna Park, MD), all received a set of custom fit clubs, embroidered golf bags, and other gear to help them return to game they love to play. 

"I lost my leg and I never thought I would golf again. My first drive was a 240 yard, straight shot so I was pretty excited," said Russ Logan of the Air Force.