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Alexandria, Virginia Gears Up For Sandy | Weather

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Alexandria, Virginia Gears Up For Sandy

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA) -- Matt Irby has been a server at the Mai Thai restaurant for the past three years. On Sunday, he was a mover, moving everything -- including food, tables, chairs, and kitchen equipment -- from the first floor of the restaurant to the second, in preparation for Hurricane Sandy.

Like many businesses near the water in Old Town, Alexandria, Mai Thai has been flooded several times over the past few years, so the restaurant's management is taking no chances with a storm the size and strength of Sandy.

"I have to be prepared for water to come inside because it's probably going to happen," Irby said.

Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille thinks that a very good idea, and is urging all Alexandria residents to take every precaution, including removing campaign signs from their lawns, as Sandy approaches.

"With the heavy wind gusts, these signs will get blown and thrown all over the place," Mayor Euille said.

Mayor Euille has also closed all the city's public schools on Monday, called for additional public safety officers to be on standby, and authorized the giveaway of thousands of sand bags; all to try to minimize the damage done when Sandy barrels through the mid-Atlantic.

"We're doing everything we can to make sure we get through this, we'll weather the storm, and then shortly thereafter those businesses will be back up and running," Mayor Euille said.