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Fort Willard Historic Site Opens in Belle Haven Neighborhood

Fort Willard Historic Site Opens in Belle Haven Neighborhood

From Fairfax County Park Authority:

Representatives from the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and the Fairfax County Park Authority gathered with neighbors from the Belle Haven community in Alexandria, Va., on Saturday, October 5, 2011, to celebrate the completion of improvements at Fort Willard Historic Site, located at 6625 Fort Willard Circle.

The 1.6-acre park was a Civil War fort constructed in 1862 as part of the Union Army’s defense of Washington, D.C. During the Civil War, the U.S. Army constructed a series of forts and artillery batteries around Washington to protect it from Confederate attack. These fortifications constituted the extreme southern defense line of the city.  

Aidan Design Donates Kitchenette/Art Center During a Day of Service at Martha's Table

Aidan Design Donates Kitchenette/Art Center During a Day of Service at Martha's Table

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, Aidan Design Gives Back to the Community on Friday, Dances on Saturday

by Sherry Moeller

With the 10th anniversary of Aidan Design this month, its owners Nadia Subaran and John Schmiedigen wanted to do something special for the community that has supported them the last decade. Aidan Design, a custom kitchen firm in Bethesda, Md., decided to donate a Day of Service by designing and installing a kitchenette, handwashing station and art center at Martha's Table, a Northwest DC charitable organization that provides food and education to the area's homeless.

Parks Seek Volunteers to Restore Habitat During VolunteerFest

From Fairfax County Park Authority:

The Invasive Management Area (IMA) program is participating in Volunteer Fairfax’s VolunteerFest® on October 22, 2011, which coincides with the National Day of Service.  Conveniently located IMA sites are holding events this year for volunteers to help restore native habitat in parks. Pulling invasive weeds and planting native species benefits local communities and is a great way to socialize with friends and neighbors. To register as a volunteer at an IMA site, call IMA Coordinator Erin Stockschlaeder at 703-324-8681, or send her an email at Erin.Stockschlaeder@fairfaxcounty.gov.

Events on October 22

Everyday Life: 'Free' Parking???!!!

On a weekday a fortnight ago, as I went to return and pick up books at Burke Library, I encountered for the first time after many years, a security guard. Since the parking lot was full, I had pulled up to the curb where he was standing for a quick in and out. Nothing I had not done many times before. He "greeted" me by quizzing me on my intended destination and threatening to tow my car. As a longtime patron of the facility, I was shocked and offended.

Buildings Don't Generate Income, People Do

Ironically, 9/11 brought me back to Alexandria, because a month later, as a birthday present to myself, I kicked my now ex- husband out for the last time, giving a glimmer of positive meaning to an otherwise awful day. Once the marital residence was sold, I moved to the West End, where I have lived ever since. So it is somewhat momentous that I begin this blog just a few days after the Tenth Anniversary.

I currently live off Seminary, just east of the 395 Interchange, and have personally experienced the back up on that road while attempting to get on to the Interstate. Since the "grand opening," at least a two light wait, and the bulk of the scheduled BRAC employees have yet to relocate to Mark Center.