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Va. Seniors Get A Visit From George Allen

Va. Seniors Get A Visit From George Allen

The residents of Greenspring Retirement Community in Springfield, Va. got a special visit this morning when George Allen, Republican Senate nominee in Virginia, paid them a visit on Tuesday.

The stop is part of his Virginia Voices tour. During his visit, Allen listened to the ideas, concerns and views the retirement community ha s about Washington.

Some of the concerns expressed were: less access to doctors under Medicare, living on a fixed income in this economy, and energy costs that drive up fuel and food costs. 

“This election is important to me because I’m worried about the direction of our country and what kind of America my grandchildren will inherit,” said Thomas P. Harrison, resident at Greenspring.

Allen’s visit to Greenspring Retirement Community is one of many meetings with seniors whose voices are not being heard in Washington, according to a press release.


 While night after night at the RNC speakers extol the hegemony of  America's exceptionalism, Isaac came ashore in the Gulf, exposing the easy destructibility of our Third World infrastructure, laughing all the way. Just because Tampa missed being the epicenter of this storm does not mean "the hard truth" can be continued to be ignored.

    For those looking to take up residence in our national seat of power, I have one word - Derecho. Rest assured that the third time in 2012 a catastrophe strikes won't be the charm. It's time for capital improvements. 


Although born and bred in upstate New York, I have lived in Northern Virginia for 31 years. This election cycle, the Commonwealth is a battleground in the Presidential race, and by virtue of anticipated coattails, negative or positive, in the Senatorial one as well. For what seems like an eternity, residents have endured increasingly nasty TV ads, and it isn't even post convention, post Labor Day!  Candidates have been crisscrossing the state in attack dog mode, spewing gall and gaffes, attempting to drum up support. I want to buy earplugs.

Alexandria Seaport Foundation receives $50K grant at Economic Club event with guest Warren Buffett

Alexandria Seaport Foundation receives $50K grant at Economic Club event with guest Warren Buffett

Buffett and David Rubenstein, The Economic Club of Washington, DC's President, are among business leaders at 25th anniversary celebration on June 5th where 10 community organizations, including the Alexandria Seaport Foundation, received a total of $500,000 in grants

The Alexandria Seaport Foundation (ASF), which offers disadvantaged youth and young adults a paid, work-based apprentice program in boat building that prepares participants for careers in the building trades, received a $50,000 grant from The Economic Club of Washington, D.C. at its 25th anniversary on June 5th at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park.

WHS Alumni Update: June 8, 2012

WHS Alumni Update: June 8, 2012

One-year-old foster pup Mocha found a forever home this week! We are so grateful to Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and his DC staff, our first official Congressional foster office, for taking great care of Mocha and supporting our mission. We love our incredible growing team of life-saving foster volunteers!

Tom, formerly Pie
“Last summer I helped cat Pie find an adoptive family in College Park, MD. They have renamed him Tom because he looks like the 'Tom' in Tom and Jerry.  Pie quickly became friends with the couple's dog Sydney, and here are the two of them lying together on the bed.”
-Ann Curtsinger, WHS Foster Volunteer

Spiro, a New York Avenue adoption center alumni, joined a recent PACK run!




John A. Budesky of Mechanicsville, Va., Appointed New City Manager for Manassas, Va.

The Manassas, Va. City Council and Manassas, Va. Mayor Hal Parrish appoint John A. Budesky, of Mechanicsville, Va. as the new city manager of Manassas, Va. He was selected from 70 candidates representing 23 states as part of a nationwide search. Budesky’s first day as Manassas, Va. city manager will be Mon., Mar. 5, 2012. For more information, call 703-257-8212 or go to www.manassascity.org.

 “We’re excited to welcome John to the City of Manassas…his thoughtful leadership and veteran expertise in government administration, along with his community involvement will be a great benefit to our city,” said Hal Parrish, mayor of Manassas, Va.

Scott Gordon Announces Candidacy for Alexandria City Council

From the Committee to Elect Scott Gordon:

Scott Gordon, member of the Del Ray Citizen’s Association and member of The City Council’s Sister Cities Commission has announced his candidacy for Alexandria City Council in November 2012. As a Moderate Republican, Mr. Gordon seeks the Council seat as a strong fiscal conservative and a liberal social activist.