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                                                        THE FUTURE OF HEALTH?
 Right after the 4th of July, Terry McAuliffe took a campaign tour of INOVA Alexandria Hospital, including a stop in its ER, stressing that expansion of Medicaid in Virginia, covering up to an additional 400,000 under the Affordable Care Act, would improve the health of the Commonwealth's residents, and its economy, by creating approximately 33,000 jobs by 2021, in addition to making "the system" more efficient.
     About a month earlier, I was in that same ER, twice, on two consecutive days, a card carrying member of BCBS Federal.




                SIX DEGREES OF 9/11        Six degrees of 9/11 begins with the NSA scandal,
Disclosing extensive snooping on US - and foreign "others,"
     Coincidental with Paula Deen's "I is what I is" tour, "apologizing,"
For using the "N" word; well...but...because...she's a Southerner!        To the Brethren who cleared a path for homosexuals,
To have, "


                                     SUMMER OF BIG BROTHER 
     Our Summer of Big Brother began with NSA whistleblower - or leaker - whichever you prefer - Edward Snowden. The Big Brethren weighed in, striking down a portion of the Voting Rights Act, with Chief Justice Roberts citing "racial progress in America," around the same time Paula Deen's admitted use of the "N" word came to light in a deposition, followed by her less than rehabilitative, "apologetic," "I is what I is" tour.

Northam, Herring Win Va. Dem Nods; Repub. Incumbents Lose

RICHMOND, Vs. (AP)--Ralph Northam, a Norfolk doctor who became a hero of Virginia's reproductive-rights movement, and fellow state Sen. Mark Herring won statewide Democratic primaries Tuesday for lieutenant governor and attorney general, respectively.

Two respected senior Republican House members, however, were felled by conservative challengers as each sought an 11th term in the General Assembly.

Northam, a pediatric neurologist and the only physician in the Senate, won a large following among female voters in 2012 when he used medical authority to thunder against a Republican-authored bill that would have required an intrusive ultrasound exam of every woman seeking an abortion.

Virginia Voter's Guide For Tuesday Primary

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9)--On Tuesday, June 11th Virginians will head to the polls to choose party candidates for two statewide offices--Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General--as well as eleven House of Delegate seats.

MORE: Find Your Polling Place

The race for Governor has been a known entity for weeks.  Ken Cuccinelli is the Republican candidate.  He was selected at a convention in Richmond back in May.  Terry McAuliffe was the only Democratic candidate to file for the office, so he automatically became the party's nominee.

MORE: Poll Hours 6am-7pm

Gun Control Supporters Rally In Alexandria

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- As the Senate considers proposed gun legislation, gun control supporters are keeping the pressure on.

Rallies were held across the country on Saturday, including one in Alexandria, which has been traditionally hostile to more gun laws. 

Peter Reed, who lost his daughter, Mary, in the Virginia Tech massacre, spoke to the crowd on stage. 

"Stand up to independence and vote for background checks to save lives. i say to the world you may be one person, but to one person, we may be the world," Reed said.

The vigil was modest but the emotions were very real.

"I have not forgotten. We have not forgotten," he added. "And I know that none of you will ever forget."

He was joined by several hundred gun control activists from Virginia who pulled for gun control measures.

"We need to do something about this. we need to take action as individuals and as moms," said an attendee.