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Sen Tim Kaine Weighs in on budget deal | Politics

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Sen Tim Kaine Weighs in on budget deal

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The proposed budget deal is admittedly imperfect.

"You all know budgets," said Sen. Tim Kaine, (D-VA), to the Alexandria City Council Tuesday night. "If you compromise and work a budget out nobody gets everything they want. They're not perfect."

But, perhaps the possible budget deal is better than perfect, it's done. Well, almost.

Sen. Kaine was on hand to discuss the deal reached by Senate Budget Committee chairman Patty Murray (D-WA) and House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) Tuesday. 

"It definitely puts us on a sustainable budget path for the next two years so there's work to be done beyond 2015 and there's still some issues that we're wrestling with the next couple of years," said Kaine, adding that, when seeking compromise, everyone is not going to get everything they want.

What the senator said he likes most about the deal, which still has to be approved by Congress, is the certainty the deal would provide cities, counties, states and, of course, the American people.

While the possible deal will ease some budgetary concerns over the next two years, it will also do something else: eliminate the constant threat of government shutdowns that has loomed over Americans for the last three years.

"It hurts a whole lot of people, it makes them wonder if they're going to have a job next week. it takes people who might want to serve, who want to be good public servants and convince them that they shouldn't do it because they can't rely on congress to fund governmental operations," said Kaine.

What people can rely on for the next two years, if the deal passes, is no shutdowns, no furloughs, no sequesters, no political brinkmanship at the public expense.