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Tired of spending money on tender perennials that die when a frost hits the garden? Come to Green Spring Gardens on Saturday, August 13, 2011 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. and learn successful propagation techniques with horticulturist, Nancy Olney. Take home some of Green Spring Gardens treasures and save money in the spring. The cost is $22.


Growing In Our Garden

Growing In Our Garden

We decided to create a new soap in our product line by placing loofahs inside. With loofah seeds in hand we headed to the garden in mid April. The plants actually took weeks to appear but once they did come up the vines went everywhere. Now, hidden under the vines is a vast network of loofahs just hanging around getting bigger by the day. Once separated from the vine we will peel back the "skin" and hang them to dry. In the plant world this is a relative to the cucumber. If all goes well, in a few weeks we will have soaps with our homegrown loofahs inside! If you have access to a small container and trellis, you can easily grow these wildly popular plants of the Dominican Republic.

Going Green Can Be Stress Free

For some people going green can be stressful.  Many of us see environmental consciousness as another project to add to a  never-ending and always growing to do list. Other thoughts I’ve heard are: What’s it going to cost?  I don’t have the time for this; everyone else is doing it so I don’t have to bother…one person won’t make a difference. 

     Well, let’s clear up these negative misconceptions.  Yes, you do make a difference.  A positive difference!  And yes, it will make a difference in your life, in your health, and for future generations. Think of your kids and grandkids! Remember, when you light a candle and then light many other candles from that original flame, you will not diminish the light of the original candle…you can light up the world from the original flame.  How’s that for the power of one?

Aidan Design Toasts Great Collaborations

Aidan Design Toasts Great Collaborations

Aidan Design hosted a client appreciation night at Avery Fine Art

Nadia Subaran, co-owner of Aidan Design, hosted a client appreciation night at the home studio of Evelyn Avery of Avery Fine Art. Top interior designers and architects stopped by including Skip Sroka, Camille Saum, Caitlin Kinkead and Liz Spencer of Lori Graham Design, Anne Jaffe, Chris Snowber and Mike Rouse of Hamilton Snowber Architects, and Pierre Lazare from Fox Architects, as well as representatives from Potomac Lighting and Wood-Mode. Celebrating its 10th year in business and co-owned by John Schmiedigen, the award-winning Aidan Design offers kitchen and bathroom designs for residential spaces.

Alexandria Fire Department Receives Grant to Help Reduce Loss of Life and Injury From Fire

Alexandria Fire Department Receives Grant to Help Reduce Loss of Life and Injury From Fire


The Institution of Fire Engineers-USA Branch is receiving a $949,00 grant to continue the work of the Vision 20/20 project. This grant help reduce the loss of life and injury from fire in five communities across the country, including Alexandria. 

“Vision 20/20 a very wonderful, collaborative effort,” said Alexandria Fire Department’s Chief Fire Marshal, Robert Rodriguez.

The Alexandria Fire Department is looking forward to receiving a large portion of this grant, in the amount of $124,118. With these funds the Department plans to purchase 400 smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, 500 ten year lithium battery smoke alarms, and 100 hearing impaired smoke alarms.

Alexandria Fire Department plans to install the alarms free of charge to the residents of the City of Alexandria, and will focus primarily on high-risk residents.

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. Shares Great Ways to Gain Space in Your Home

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. Shares Great Ways to Gain Space in Your Home

On Saturday morning, June 25, Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. held one of several workshop/seminars it’s having this summer addressing not only the basics, but also some of the finer aspects of home remodeling and expansion. 

This particular workshop, led by Case Design/Remodeling Executive VP Bill Millholland, focused on gaining space in your existing home, whether through converting an attic or screened-in porch into living space, or by actually building a new addition. Case highlights the attic and porch conversions as the least expensive options, but barring water issues or ceiling height problems, finishing a basement can be a cost-effective transformation as well, maximizing the existing space in your home.

Regional Affordable Housing Expo

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