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Salon Daniel Celebrates 20 Years in McLean and Hosts Red-Carpet Silent Auction to Help Becky's Fund

Salon Daniel Celebrates 20 Years in McLean and Hosts Red-Carpet Silent Auction to Help Becky's Fund

SALON DANIEL Champions Domestic Abuse Education Campaign on Sat., Sept. 24

 Salon Daniel of McLean, Va., the premiere hair salon sponsor for Becky’s Fund “Walk This Way” Fashion Show, is hosting a red-carpet silent auction on Sat., Sept. 24 at Salon Daniel from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. kicking off their 20-year anniversary celebration. The salon is marking this 20-year milestone by thanking their clients and giving back to the community by featuring a silent auction that directly benefits Becky’s Fund, a non-profit organization focused on domestic and dating violence awareness and education. Refreshments and food will be served, while auction items range in value up to $500. For more information call 703.893.5000 or visit www.salondaniel.com.

Environmental Groups Hold Final Stop on Road to Clean Energy Tour

From the Sierra Club:


Is Chicken The Model Of The American Family?

My observation is that the history of the social structure of man-woman relationships, especially in America, is strongly influenced, if not actually based upon, the social pecking order of chickens. Yummy, factory farmed chickens.  Bare with me.  The man, in very basic tradition, represents the stronger of the sexes, the provider, the authoritarian, and the head of the household.  The woman is supposed to represent purity, to be submissive, and hardworking at her tasks at home...the stereotypical feminine path to righteousness, right?  While there are exceptions among individuals and families, the fowl air of poultriarchal society still forms a blanket that covers and permeates the nervous tissue of many relationships. 

A Change In The Guard

Friends, we are in the midst of a global paradigm shift in health care. At the center of these changes are health and nutrition counselors, wellness coaches of various niches and specialties, acupuncturists, organic farmers, independent film makers, and the list now goes on and on. For example, healing modalities like TCM and Ayurveda are healing systems which promote health using natural, nontoxic substances and which recognizes the important role of the mind and emotions. A paradigm is a model used to explain how and why events happen the way they do, and as mankind's comprehension of the universe evolves, new paradigms emerge. The best example of paradigm shifts is in the field of modern physics. The classical Newtonian explanation of the world which for two hundred years was accepted as reality has now been replaced by quantum mechanics, superstrings, and field theory. In the old paradigm, every event had a definite cause and every action had an equal and opposite reaction.

Hit the Trail

Hit the Trail

What would you expect a four-and-three-quarter-year-old to say at the end of a four-and-a-half-mile hike that she just finished using her own two feet? “What a wonderful day,” Sofi announced when we walked past the old Tavern (that I was wishing was still a tavern) at Great Falls National Park.