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                SIX DEGREES OF 9/11        Six degrees of 9/11 begins with the NSA scandal,
Disclosing extensive snooping on US - and foreign "others,"
     Coincidental with Paula Deen's "I is what I is" tour, "apologizing,"
For using the "N" word; well...but...because...she's a Southerner!        To the Brethren who cleared a path for homosexuals,
To have, "


                                     SUMMER OF BIG BROTHER 
     Our Summer of Big Brother began with NSA whistleblower - or leaker - whichever you prefer - Edward Snowden. The Big Brethren weighed in, striking down a portion of the Voting Rights Act, with Chief Justice Roberts citing "racial progress in America," around the same time Paula Deen's admitted use of the "N" word came to light in a deposition, followed by her less than rehabilitative, "apologetic," "I is what I is" tour.


Besides the senseless taking of a young life, what struck me about the September 11th murder of a Central High School student was the time of day that it occurred, between 6:30 and 7 in the morning.

Teenage scholars now have to rise in the wee hours to meet institutional start times at the crack of dawn - or earlier, depending on the season. Academic schedules have been adjusted to accomodate after school practices for those that are on sports teams. At the same time, there is less of a gym requirement for ALL students enrolled in this age of a childhood obesity epidemic, although those living outside the ever increasing busing perimeter get to walk, in this instance, over two miles one way. This makes about as much sense as rousing adolescents out of bed against their circadian rhythms and expecting them to absorb what is being taught in the classroom while they are half asleep.

Caring for All Animals

Caring for All Animals

Protecting animals and working with our community to prevent cruelty is what our dedicated field services team does day in and day out, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We believe that every animal matters—regardless of breed, size, age, or any other factor. Recently, one case surrounding one small reptile proved just that.  

In December, our Animal Care & Control Officers were assisting Metropolitan Police Department Officers with a search warrant at the home of Darnell Jones, 34, in Washington, DC, when they came across a snake. The snake was extremely underweight and appeared to be having difficulty shedding her skin which is indicative of significant husbandry and care issues. The subsequent investigation by Humane Law Enforcement Officer Michael Triebwasser revealed that the snake had been underweight for seven months and had never at any point during that time been taken to a veterinarian for proper care.

Local K-9 Team Finishes Second in National Competition

Local K-9 Team Finishes Second in National Competition

Great news for Alexandria Law Enforcement!

The Alexandria Sheriff’s Office K-9 team took second place overall in explosives detection at a national competition last week.

Sherman, a six-year-old Labrador retriever and his partner, Deputy John O’Hara, competed at the United States Police Canine Association’s National Detector Dog Field Trial against 80 K-9 teams from across the country from Sunday, May 20 through Wednesday, May 23, in Lakeland, Florida.

The explosives trials consisted of an odor recognition test, searches of three areas, and five vehicles full of hidden explosives.

Greenspring Retirement Community Hosted First Fraud Prevention Expo on May 22

Greenspring Retirement Community Hosted First Fraud Prevention Expo on May 22

Greenspring’s Fraud Prevention Expo featured an address by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a brand new documentary on protecting seniors from victimization and exploitation, as well as federal, state, county, and other experts on protecting oneself from fraud and scams