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                                                              MADE IN THE USA 
     A young, unarmed African American male is gunned down in Ferguson, MO in what appears to be overaggressive law enforcement, followed by the use of DOD surplus and military tactics to contain the subsequent protests. And we're outraged - and surprised?
     Despite the inviting words carved on the Statue of Liberty, Rick Perry uses National Guard troops to keep immigrant children fleeing Central America from entering this country. Israel kills innocent Palestinians in Gaza, an effort made possible by US funding and weaponry. And then there's the drones, which often miss and cause "collateral damage." Ooops! So much for respect for human life. 
     Periodically, racial tension reemerges to a heightened degree as it has recently in the Heartland, an apt appellation, and we act appalled for an appropriate period of time - click, click - until the next viral video attracts our "attention." However, police brutality is but one measure of the pulse of this nation, cut from the cloth of the "war games" world and guns galore culture, cause and effect - vets trade one uniform for another and become cops - of the violence that we export as part and parcel of our meddling and muscular foreign policy, ostensibly in the name of freedom, democracy - and peace. Lipservice deference to dialogue and diplomacy notwithstanding, fashioning "common threads" is "out." What's trending now is a disdain broader than color; "others" is the new Black. And the designer label leading the way...Made in the USA.