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Photo Gallery | Meet this Super NoVA: Marion Braswell of Marion's Smart Delights

Almost everyone loves to indulge in mouth-watering baked goods but not everyone can enjoy them fully. Many people are intolerant to certain foods, such as those suffering from  diabetes or celiac disease, and must therefore watch their intake to avoid gluten, allergens, or unhealthy amounts of sugar and sodium. Marion Braswell, the owner of Marion's Smart Delights, wanted to provide these customers with the best of both worlds: homemade delicious baking mixes that are gluten-free, allergen-free, and Kosher, and that also contain more whole grains and reduced amounts of sodium and sugar.

Marion Braswell, PhD., is an Arlington resident who was raised in Europe where her mother spoiled her with delicious tarts, cakes, and breads that filled the house with good aromas. Braswell said that fruits, whole grains, and other nutritious ingredients were a part of her life since childhood.

“After finding out in 2007 that I needed to follow a medically necessary gluten-free diet, I discovered that the majority of gluten-free baked goods and mixes were based on low nutrient starches and tended to include more fats, sugar, and salt than many of their wheat based counterparts,” said Braswell.

As a result, Braswell began experimenting and developing gluten-free mixes, and a year and a half later, her first products entered the market.

“I started experimenting and discovered my hidden passion for baking nutritious and delicious alternatives for people needing gluten-free as well as anyone seeking to enjoy nutritious whole grains and to trade today’s all-too-common addiction to sugar and salt for better health,” she added.

Check out the slideshow of some of Marion's treats including vegan muffins, fruit tarts, and the only gluten-free lemon bar mix in the market! Tempted by the heart-shaped cookies for a Valentine's Day treat for your loved one? You can buy the Marion's Smart Delights baking mix online here. You can also find the baking mix in local stores such as the Whole Foods in Alexandria and Arlington, Mom’s Organic Market in Rockville, Lebanese Taverna Market, and Nourish Market. Follow Marion’s Smart Delight on Twitter and Facebook to find out about local free samplings, new recipes, and cooking classes!