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With all the focus on the implications of the "insecurity" of the former Secretary of State's secret server - and will she or won't she be indicted - why is there not at least an equal fixation on the more likely than not connected by e-mail Clinton cash scandal? It's the speaking fees and foundation financial exploits and her abuse of the last office she held that Hillary is trying to hide, stupid! ...Bob McDonnell...need I say more...


Everyone's reading too much - on the positive side - into the Supreme Court's stay of the start of Bob McDonnell's prison sentence pending its decision on whether or not to hear his appeal.


 I'm disappointed. 
     First, in Megyn Kelly, a fellow Albany Law School alum, for her overt and ostentatious attempt to hitch her already rising star to that of the much more accomplished attention hog - note, I did not say whore - Donald Trump. The body language, the facial expressions, the gotcha gender question. The reality TV ratings eyeballs. Apparently having an eponymous show wasn't enough. Perfectly positioned center stage, the only non-male in the "arena," she gave a purposeful performance calculated to make her the new face of Fox News. Can an audition to headline The Apprentice be far behind? Birds of a feather flock together. You're hired!


Parallels in Failures

Parallel parking's "out" in two of three local jurisdictions,
The same skills declared measured by a reverse two point turn around,
With much more room to maneuver, yeah, right!
So another reason for dropping it from the exam must be found.

Lines too long - eliminate repeat test takers,
In this "click, click" world, they simply can't come back ... and wait,
To these kids who basically got trophies for tinkling,
Helicopter parents didn't train them for the high failure rate.

Isn't licensure supposed to be about road readiness and protecting the public?
And not how little service the government can provide and how quickly it can start to collect a fee...
...For that, there are police traps and speed cameras and parking tickets!
Why add to the many already horrible drivers in the not so rural DMV?



I do not write this in any way to condone the alleged corruption that the McDonnells are charged with. However, since the we seem to have gone from the "crush" defense to mocking and maligning Maureen's "nut bag" mental health, may I suggest that the type of behavior described so far, including the moodiness, the erratic, seemingly irrational acts evincing a lack of judgment, and the exertion of independence, "smells like Menopause spirit." The former First Lady's championing of Jonnie Williams' supplement would be consistent with her trying to deal with "the change" in the most natural way possible. Ironically, as anyone familiar with the bombardment of advertising concerning this normal life passage knows, to do that, and not medicate the symptoms away, is for the most part treated as a crime. Speaking as someone who refused physician pushed hormone replacement herself, and suffered through the inconvenience, Mrs.



                                                              MADE IN THE USA 
     A young, unarmed African American male is gunned down in Ferguson, MO in what appears to be overaggressive law enforcement, followed by the use of DOD surplus and military tactics to contain the subsequent protests.


"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Why, then, are the Palestinians and Israelis yet again minimally involved and engaged in their purported peace process, choosing instead to continue the cycle of fighting? "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." So why, then, is the US - just barely just joined by the Europeans - repetitively sanctioning Russia, when it is obvious that such action is having little or no effect on Putin's position with respect to Ukraine and it is far from isolating his country? All it's done is to stick a pin under Vladimir and propel him to make friends and influence people elsewhere by cutting new, forward thinking commercial deals all over the globe to compensate - and then some - for what business is being lost, with an eye to a different world order in the future.


                                  HIGH FLYING FISH 
     Five years ago, up and coming Democrat Eliot Spitzer got caught patronizing prostitutes and resigned as the Governor of New York. The salacious scandal made national news - for days, and days, and days. The Emperors Club VIP's former Client #9 spent a good portion of the interim doing a daily Yom Kippur leading up to his primary run last year for New York City Comptroller, the second most powerful position in the Big Apple. He lost. The election anyway.
     The day before Christmas, he and his wife announced they were divorcing after the local tabloids outed his affair with Lis Smith, the spokeswoman on his failed campaign, who was then working for the new mayor.