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     Although it will not be voted on for several months, FCPS's proposal to place surveillance cameras in the cafeterias and common areas of its high schools is already generating controversy. Too Big Brother "gotcha;" too much emphasis on after the fact punishment rather than prevention in the first place; and those pesky privacy concerns. Principals somehow believe that the installation of such devices will have a deterrent effect, but that is the thinking of THEIR generation, not that of their young charges. These kids have grown up in and are acclimated to a reality show culture and post 9/11 environment, and they are used to being watched, by their helicopter parents and otherwise, and living their lives in public and online. Thus they might actually welcome the opportunity this school system's strategy may afford, and INCREASE their engagement in behaviors such as food fights and bullying to get their Andy Warhol moment of fame within the institution, on the local news, and beyond. Something for educators in Fairfax and elsewhere to consider, before they invest taxpayer dollars in equipment that may have an outcome counter to their original intent and purpose.