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Favorite Fridays: What's Your Favorite Cheesesteak Spot? | Restaurants

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Favorite Fridays: What's Your Favorite Cheesesteak Spot?
Favorite Fridays: What's Your Favorite Cheesesteak Spot?



Both my parents grew up in South Philly, we still have a house there that we frequent, and most of my family still lives in the surrounding areas. Visiting there was and still is a treat as we'd  always go to the same spots to pick up rolls, cold cuts, cheesesteaks, pretzels, cannoli’s, and water ice. It’s the only time I allow myself to over indulge because everything really is that good. Did I mention the Pork sandwich and the Broccoli Rabe with garlic? Three words: Heaven on Earth. 

I’ve been searching for a cheesesteak to rival Pat’s, Geno’s, and Tony Luke’s, but have not been successful. Of course there are a few below that aren’t so bad, but they still have a ways to go. My father always says, “The key to a Philly cheesesteak is hot sauce and a hard roll.” Geno’s and Pat’s is a symbolic cheesesteak made with chip steak, which is good, but if you ask around the “real” South Philly cheesesteak has provolone not cheese whiz. To me the hard roll is the most important, and seems to be lacking in the DC area even if they say it’s from Philadelphia. I like rolls from bakeries like Cacia’s on West Ritner Street. The Amoroso roll is too soft.

Check out the places that I've tried and vote on your favorite!

Bada Bing Food Truck- I got the cheese steak with provolone and it was pretty good. Definitely had the “I want more factor” which may have been the juice of the meat and the grease talking (it was dripping with oil). I would say one of the better cheesesteaks in the area, however not the best roll. I was tempted to just eat the meat at one point since it was flavorful,mixed with provolone, and spiced just right. 

South Street Steaks- Not bad, and the price is right. The meat is a little salty, but they use chip steak, which is authentic Philly. However, the cheese whiz was very drippy and the Amoroso roll was too soft. 

Al's Steaks- This place has some of the best cheesesteaks in the area. Hands down best in Virginia. I normally get the steak which is savory and provolone cheese with onions. I like the ma and pop feel and that it has been there for over 56 years. When I have a craving for a cheesesteak, I usually go here.

JJ's Cheesesteaks- JJ’s ranks up there with the best in taste. The meat is fresh and thinly sliced, as it should be.  You have the option of different cheeses. They will toast the bun for you on request.  The selections vary from traditional steak and cheese to steak and chicken, and a make-your-own version, which I haven’t tried since I don’t get crazy with my meal. I know what I like and I don’t travel far from it when we are talking cheesesteak. I had the Ben Franklin, extra lean, thinly sliced rib eye steak, with sautéed onions and served on an Amoroso roll, topped with cheese whiz. I still prefer provolone.

Jerry’s Subs & Pizza- I have always liked this place. I have never tried the cheesesteak, but hear it’s good. I am a fan of the pizza and the hoagies though.