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"THIS WEEK," the weak...


                                                                     "This Week," the weak...
I usually don't watch "This Week with George Stephanopoulos," but I broke my left shoulder on Monday -so not much else to do - and his show filled in the time nicely between Chris Wallace and Meet the Press, so much so that I only watched half of the latter which was substitute hosted by Savannah Guthrie. About that John Boehner interview. When the Speaker said he "...didn't come to Washington to be a Congressman, but to do something...," why didn't the former Clintonite pounce? (As a footnote, his "Powerhouse Roundtable" didn't pickup on the abbreviated blurt either) Otherwise, what is the point of an "exclusive" interview? Because THAT comment made the motivation for the shutdown stalemate in Congress from the Ohio Republican's perspective crystal clear - it is about his retaining the leadership position in the House and crafting a legacy- no matter what memorable "something" - good or bad - is needed to accomplish either. So much for putting country first...and it shouldn't have taken an armchair captive to highlight that. "This Week," the weak...


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