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Mr. Mitchell and Me

Mr. Mitchell and Me

If you’ve lived in the D.C. area for a while, you’ve probably heard of DeMatha, the Catholic boys’ school in Hyattsville, Maryland. And if you have heard of DeMatha, odds are that it’s because of the school’s nationally renowned athletics program, which has boasted such names as legendary basketball coach Morgan Wootten, basketball Hall of Famer Adrian Dantley, NFL Pro Bowler Brian Westbrook, and NFL broadcaster James Brown, to name just a few. To most with a passing familiarity with the school, DeMatha is synonymous with sports. When I told people that I attended DeMatha, I was frequently asked “What sport do you play?” My response of “I don’t play a sport,” was always met by befuddlement and a perfunctory “Then why do you go to DeMatha?”

Let me tell you.

Finding Benefits or Seeing Faults

    After listening to Tal Ben-Shahar lecture on Benefit Finders and Fault Finders, I am more aware of the impact this perspective has on our lives. I’ve noticed in myself, my clients, friends, family, and business associates an inclination to view others in terms of finding either faults or benefits. Do we see stumbling blocks or stepping stones? These are choices we all make every day.

     Do we look at the stars each night or take them for granted? Do we appreciate our family, our work, and our every day? Do we take people, our health, and life for granted or do we celebrate all of these incredible gifts? Are we embracing life or living by avoiding?

     Benefit Finders focus on the positive. When you focus on the positive, the good appreciates. When our focus strays to the negative, the good depreciates while the negative is accentuated. 

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Alexandria Man Wins $1 Million; What Would You Do If You Won?

Alexandria Man Wins $1 Million; What Would You Do If You Won?

From Virginia Lottery:

Kofi Nyanor of Alexandria knew on January 1 that he had won a million dollars. For more than four months, he kept the winning ticket tucked away in a safe spot.


“I went about my business,” he said. “I didn’t tell anyone.”


Alexandria Fire Department Celebrates EMS Week this Friday and Saturday

From Alexandria eNews:


Girls on the Run 5K: As Described by Leesburg 4th Grader, Logan Quinn

Story by Logan Quinn, Fourth Grader at Sycolin Creek Elementary School.


Today was a really big day for us girls in the Girls on the Run.  We had our 5K race at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, this morning.  Everyone was predicting that it would pour down rain, but I guess Mother Nature changed her mind because the sun was shining in the sky. 

When the race started, it made me want to jump up and down like crazy!  I started running and then since the weather was getting warmer, I was also getting warmer.  I was on my second mile and I thought in my head only one more mile!  Once I finished, I felt AMAZING! 

Potomac Pediatric Dentistry Opens in Dumfries

Potomac Pediatric Dentistry Opens in Dumfries

Gainesville Dentists Open New Office in Prince William County

Drs. Rhea Davis and Arshia Shingler, pediatric dentists at Gainesville Pediatric Dentistry in Gainesville, Va. opened a new office in Dumfries, Va., called Potomac Pediatric Dentistry, located at 16708 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Suite 115. Owned and operated by the same staff and dentists, Potomac Pediatric Dentistry is a completely separate facility from the Gainesville location, servicing patients unique to its location. For information, go to www.potomacpediatricdentistry.com or call 703.221.4040.