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Va. man sentenced on rape and robbery

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- The Alexandria Circuit Court Judge Nolan B. Dawkins sentenced a 26-year-old man on one count of rape, sodomy, robbery and abduction last Thursday.

Authorities said Angel Rosales-Torres, 26 was sentenced to 60 years in the penitentiary with 35 years suspended on rape, sodomy and robbery charges. Officials said the judge sentenced Rosales-Torres to 10 years in the penitentiary on the abduction charge.

The sentences will run concurrent to each other, officials said. He will be on supervised probation for the rest of his life after he is out of prison, officials said.

Rosales-Torres confronted his victim on October 11, 2012, authorities said. He pressed a blade against the victim's side demanding money on Van Dorn Street in Alexandria, officials said.

Arlington assessor pleads guilty to taking bribes

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) -- A former supervisor at an Arlington County motor vehicle office has pleaded guilty to accepting more than $11,000 in bribes.

Thirty-three-year-old Francisco Samayoa Hernandez of Silver Spring, Md., worked as a tax assessor supervisor at Arlington County's DMV Select, which the county operates under contract with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to provide services like registration and title processing.

At a plea hearing Tuesday in federal court in Alexandria, Samayoa admitted to accepting about $11,480 in bribes from a vehicle exporter to falsify DMV paperwork that allowed the exporter to avoid nearly $25,000 in registration and title fees on various luxury automobiles.

Court records show Samayoa received 15 separate bribe payments between July 2012 and November.

Va. fire marshal saves man struck by fallen ceiling

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- An Alexandria Fire Marshal saved the life of a man who was possibly hit by the molding this past weekend at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center.

According to the Alexandria Fire Department, Alexandria Fire marshals were out in the field on routine rounds when they went to the hotel located at 5000 Seminary Rd.

A large event was going on in one of the ballrooms and a large piece of molding fell from the ceiling in the ballroom while the marshals were there.

Guests told the marshals at the same time that there was an unconscious person at one of the tables.

Authorities said the fire marshal found a man, unconscious but he still had a pulse. One marshal found that the man's breathing and pulse were very weak so she began helping him.

An EMS unit was called to the scene and took the man to the hospital, authorities said.

Man connected to Alexandria Murders to be extradited Monday

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- Alexandria residents are paying close attention to what is happening in West Virginia. They're anxiously waiting to find out what will come out of 53-year-old Charles Severance's extradition hearing Monday and the rest of the investigation.

"Anything we read we're glued to the news, to the TV, newspapers, what's the latest. It's one of those things you want justice do its right way on the other hand we kind of hope that it is him then everyone can get off the edge of the fence and that makes you nervous. We walk all the time and you think everyone is a suspect and that's a terrible way to feel," Chris Altendorf, Parishioner said.

At Ruthanne Lodato's church, Blessed Sacrament, parishioners have been yearning for a sense of relief and hoping the uncertainty they've been feeling all along comes to an end soon.

Alexandria to add bike lanes on busy King Street

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) -- The Alexandria City Council has voted to create bicycle lanes on the city's busy King Street after debating a plan that will eliminate some parking spaces.

The city council voted unanimously Saturday to approve the plan recommended by the city's transportation chief. The plan calls for removing 27 parking spaces west of Old Town to make room for bike lanes between Janneys Lane to West Cedar Street.

Advocates for the bike lanes said more people are using bicycles for commuting and that having bike lanes is key to the future of cities like Alexandria. But opponents say many people live more suburban lifestyles that require cars.

Bicyclists will have to share the traffic lanes with cars in areas where parking is still allowed.

Fmr. FBI expert on Alexandria murders

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- Former FBI agent Gregg McCrary talked with our Surae Chinn via Skype. He says there are several things investigators are doing while 53-year-old Charles Severance is being held in a West Virginia jail.

He says the main focus is ruling him in or out as a suspect.

McCrary has extensive interrogation experience.

"He is a suspect whether they call him that or not that's why they're investigating him," McCrary says.

Charles Severance appeared before a judge in Wheeling, West Virginia, picked up by police there on a warrant, wanted by authorities in Loudoun County for a firearms violation.

He now sits in jail awaiting an extradition hearing on Monday. In the meantime, former FBI agent Gregg McCrary says the interrogation process should be underway unless Severance has a lawyer.

Man Wanted for Questioning in Three Murders Described as "Odd"

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- Charles Severance has a very public and very sorted history in Alexandria. The man who is awaiting extradition from West Virginia back to Alexandria for questioning in three unsolved murders - Ruthanne Lodato in February, Ron Kirby in November, Nancy Dunning a decade ago - ran for mayor of the city twice and U.S. Congress once.

His opponents in those campaigns remember a pretty "odd" character, as they put it, one who, at times, they actually saw as a physical threat.

When Severance challenged the incumbent Kerry Donley for Mayor of Alexandria in 1996 and 2000, the city manager and police chief at the time assigned an undercover cop to shadow and protect Donley.

"Just to make sure that everything was OK," recalled Donley. "They were concerned about this fellow."