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CO Incident In Alexandria Sends Three Children To The Hospital

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA) -- Firefighters are investigating a carbon monoxide incident in Alexandria.

Officials tell 9 NEWS NOW Alexandria firefighters responded to the unit block of Ancell Street just before 7:00 Monday morning for a sickness call. Firefighters arriving on scene found several residents complaining of headaches and nausea. Fire crews aslo discovered an adjacent home's CO detector had been triggered. Additional firefighters responded to the scene and detected elevated levels of carbon monoxide in three homes.

Officials say three children had to be taken to nearby hospital for evaluation and are expected to recover. Firefighters ventilated the three homes and which returned carbon monoxide levels back to normal.

The cause of the incident remains under investigation.

Carbon Monoxide Leak Spreads To Neighbor's House

ALEXANDRIA, Va.  (WUSA) - The carbon monoxide detector on John Kuliecza's top floor went off Sunday night. He thought the batteries were dead, until it went off again Monday morning.

"They went in and found high levels of carbon monoxide," said Kuliecza.

He lives in a brick townhouse next door to Carlos Nunez and his family which is where the odorless, deadly gas was coming from. Carlos was already at work when his wife called him to tell him his two older children, 15- and 13-years-old, felt dizzy and nauseous.

"My daughter wasn't feeling well. I remembered I turned the heat on last night. I told my wife to call 9-1-1. They got here fast," said Nunez.

Alexandria rescue crews took the two older children and a four-year-old as a precaution to the hospital to be treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. Carlos says his carbon monoxide detector never went off.

Metro Detours Some Bus Routes On Thanksgiving Day

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Metro says four of its bus routes will be detoured on Thursday due to Thanksgiving day races.

In Alexandria, Va., two bus routes, the 10A and 10B, will experience detours from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. because of the Potomac West Business Association's 35th annual Turkey Trot 5 Miler.

In Arlington, Va., the 4B bus route will be detoured from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. because of a 5k. And in Bethesda, Md., the J2 route will be detoured from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. because of a 10k.

Bicyclist Dies From Injuries From Alexandria Crash

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA) -- Fairfax County police say the bicyclist involved in a crash at Fort Hunt Road and Belle Haven Road on Nov. 14 has succumbed to his injuries.

Christopher Benton of Alexandria was pronounced dead at 5:16 a.m. on Monday. He was 51 years old.

Police say Benton was riding on his bike headed eastbound on Belle Haven Road when a Toyota Corolla trying to turn left onto Fort Hunt from westbound Bell Haven hit him. Benton was through from his bike and medevaced to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Crash Reconstruction detectives are still looking for witnesses to the crash. Sign boards will be posted in the area of Fort Hunt Road and Belle Haven Road.

Cheapest Gas Price in Alexandria

According to AAA, the cheapest gas in Alexandria can be found at Barber's Auto Service for $2.799 per gallon. Barber's Auto Service is located at 4368 King Street in Alexandria, VA.

Fs Restored At High School After Parental Outrage

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA) -- West Potomac High School's principal reverted back to stricter cheating policies after parents complained about the new rules, giving cheaters a second chance.

In an email sent out to parents Friday morning, principal Cliff Hardison said he took the job to unify the school with parents.

"First, I have not nor will I ever tolerate cheating. West Potomac will completely return to its Unified school discipline policy where students receive forfeiture of credit for incidents of cheating or plagiarism," the letter to parents stated.

Hardison had imposed more lenient policies to give students an "I" for incomplete, instead of a failing grade, if students were caught cheating.

Here's the letter he sent to parents Friday:

Blue Top Cab Sued For Woman's Sexual Assault

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA) - "It's unbelievable a human being can act so callously toward another human being," said Samantha Cassidy who was shopping at Slater's Lane.

It wasn't far from where a woman says she was left in the middle of the night by a cab driver on November 22, 2008. The woman had the misfortune to run into James Samuel Williams, 48, now a convicted sex offender with multiple offenses, including hers.

She recently filed a five million lawsuit against Arlington Blue Top Cab and the cab driver who first drove her to her home night.

The lawsuit says she tried to pay with a credit card but the driver said it didn't go through. She only had $18 in cash and the fare was $19.95. The suit says the driver insisted on driving her to an ATM. At 3:30 in the morning, along North Washington Street, he found one near a Starbucks.