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Circe of Alexandria offers Flex Pricing | News

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Circe of Alexandria offers Flex Pricing

From Circe of Alexandria:

Alexandria, VA – Circe of Alexandria will be offering a piece of their luxury service at a fraction of the cost. Owners Richard and Ellen Vlasak, will launch an innovative flexible pricing menu in July 2011. The Flex Pricing Menu offers guests the opportunity to experience Circe without breaking their budget.  Circe’s new Flex Pricing menu will include manicures, haircuts, color, facials, massages and more.
“This pilot program allows guests to enjoy the Circe experience at a different price point,” said Ellen Vlasak, owner of Circe, “As business owners, we recognize now more than ever that our guests are dollar conscious; we are trying to be dollar conscious for our guests.” Richard Vlasak, goes on to point out, “Unlike those deal programs, the innovative concept behind Circe’s Flex Pricing Menu provides professional beauty businesses or any small business, with a consistent marketing option where the variables are completely controlled by the business itself.” 
Circe’s Flex Pricing Menu features discounted services up to 60% off, complimentary concierge service (to help you book your beauty schedule up to a year in advance), and you can earn reward points every time you return for your services. 
Circe of Alexandria emailed their clients notifying them of the new Flex Pricing Menu program launch. All guests had a chance to get on the waitlist early to reserve their place in line before it’s launch in July 2011. Both Ellen and Richard Vlasak, are confidant about the new pilot menu saying, “We have developed this pilot menu to answer the concerns of our consumers.” 
Since the program launch, Circe opened the first few week of the flex pricing program bringing in a few hundred dollars in revenue. Plus, booking over 10 guests out for a full year in-advance.
“We are pleased to see the guaranteed revenue from the Flexible Pricing clientele, rather than sporadic deal clientele.”
To learn more about Circe Salon and Spa’s new Flexible Pricing menu, contact Sharlia Lee, Marketing Director at Circe of Alexandria.