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Alexandria and McLean Residents Awarded Full-Tuition University of Phoenix Scholarship | News

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Alexandria and McLean Residents Awarded Full-Tuition University of Phoenix Scholarship
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From the University of Phoenix:

University of Phoenix, the largest private University in North America, today announced the six nationwide recipients of its “Forever a Phoenix” scholarship.  Two of the six scholarships were awarded to local residents Timothy Steele of McLean and Traci Robinson-Williams of Alexandria. Steele and Robinson-Williams each hold a bachelor’s degree from University of Phoenix, and will use the scholarship to pursue master’s degrees. 

“It’s always rewarding to see students taking additional steps to advance their educations,” said Erik Greenberg, campus director, University of Phoenix Northern Virginia. “Timothy and Traci are true ambassadors of our values at University of Phoenix, so it’s an honor and a pleasure to award them these scholarships to continue to pursue their educational and career goals with the University.”

“When I was earning my bachelor’s degree at University of Phoenix, I was usually the oldest person in my class,” said “Forever a Phoenix” scholarship recipient Steele. “No matter how old I am, I know it’s never too late to go back to school and further my education. The fact that I am a Phoenix allows me to achieve my personal and professional goals through higher education while balancing my commitments to my family and career.” 

Steele, who graduated from University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Arts in information technology in 2010, has worked in information technology for 27 years and plans to pursue a master’s in business administration with a concentration in technology management.  In the future, Steele also hopes to share his knowledge and experience with others by teaching courses at University of Phoenix.

Robinson-Williams earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration and marketing from University of Phoenix in 2007, and plans use her scholarship to pursue a master’s of business administration. With two sons and a step-daughter in college, Robinson-Williams says she would not have been able to pursue her MBA at this time without the financial support of this scholarship.

“Through the University of Phoenix MBA program, I will gain the knowledge and skills I need to understand more about global organizations, international finance and global markets in order to effectively meet the challenges associated with my career goals,” said Robinson-Williams. "I hope to become chief strategy officer of a technology organization and eventually create non-profit organizations that bring technology and jobs to developing countries. I am confident that the skills I learn at University of Phoenix will open these new doors of opportunity for me."

Since 2009, the “Forever a Phoenix” scholarship program has provided full-tuition scholarships that enable University of Phoenix alumni to continue on the path toward higher education by pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree program of their choice. Steele and Robinson-Williams underwent a rigorous application process to receive their scholarships, and were selected by a committee of University of Phoenix staff and alumni based on their dedication to improving the lives of themselves and others, as demonstrated in supporting essays. As with all “Forever a Phoenix” scholarship recipients, Steele and Robinson-Williams may now choose to attend classes at any of University of Phoenix’s more than 200 campus locations or may enroll in courses online.

For more information visits www.phoenix.edu/northernvirginia.

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