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On this playground we call Earth, why can't the kids get along?

Let's take Syria. Although it appeared he may have been winning the Civil War in recent months, we are being led to believe Assad used chemical weapons on his people. This makes no sense unless he saw the opposition forces, and the "innocent" civilians living either in the territory held by them, or contested, as a forthcoming resurgent threat, quite possibly because of all the recent rabblerousing for US support of the rebels spearheaded by John McCain. So to get a "head start," he crosses Obama's (now 98% of the world's and Congress') re-election rhetoric "red line," daring the American President to literally put our - or perhaps other Arab nations' -money where his mouth is. But that's not the story the Syrian President told Charlie Rose...And as anyone with children knows, they lie. "Trust, but verify"...all sides.

So now if the US participates in any military action, particularly in light Assad's Foreign Minister's "acceptance" of the Russian nudged proposal to turn his stockpiles over to the UN, this country will look like a schoolyard bully - to him, and at a minimum, his domestic and international backers. If this country based on the rule of law acts unilaterally, without full Congressional approval and/or bypassing international institutions specifically set up to deal with such situations - essentially one illegal act begetting another - in the not so distant future, there will no governing how the kiddies play with their "toys" because THAT will become subject only to their impatience, flight of fancy, and whim. Follow the leader! "Teaming up" with the "enemy of my enemy" could find US aligned with Al Qaeda - the "wrong" crowd - in this game of international musical chairs. An on and on it will go...For a President who was elected to end wars and is an aspirational Nobel Peace Prize winner, is this any way to conduct foreign policy?

Wouldn't it be better to cultivate internal self esteem and security as a nation, which includes attending to what is urgent at home first, rather than continually worrying about "saving face" and browbeating the other children into respect? That's no way to make friends! (Neither is the State Department's spending of $630,000 to attract "likes" on Facebook.) Who died and made US Principal-in-Chief, anyway, the final judge as to who will be punished in a world full of countries who think differently? Are we so perfect? I think not. What is the difference between the use of sarin gas in Syria and our force feeding detainees at Gitmo or the collateral human damage caused by our use of drones to drop bombs in Yemen? Isn't all "torture" pretty much equal?

Which brings me stateside to that other sandbox, and our representatives, who for the most part on issues domestic have drawn a "party line" in Congress that they will not cross, ever stalling on their constituents' business. Shouldn't we be "cleaning up our room" first before dictating to others how to keep theirs? Apparently not. And the child's play goes on and on...

As it does, it is the American people who continue to lose - their lives, literally, to satisfy the perpetual need for an ego affirming conflict, and just as importantly, economically, particularly the middle class and below, whose needs are ignored, neglected, or unattended to in the mad scramble to stay a top of the monkey bars. Global Guardian...Bad Parent!

As the President makes his case, chin up, for intervention in Syria on the eve of 9/11, we need to recall how it felt for US to be attacked on our own soil on that day in 2001, just last year in Benghazi on the anniversary, and the related debacles of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya - and the Great Recession in between - and that all throughout, our sovereignty was never challenged. I then urge everyone to draw a "fed up to here" line and send it to our leaders. It's time for them to graduate from the Romper Room to Grownupville. Enough!