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Severance's ex-girlfriend: guns missing after he left house | News

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Severance's ex-girlfriend: guns missing after he left house

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- Charles Severance's former girlfriend testified about her relationship with the man accused of killing three Alexandria residents over the course of a decade.

Prosecutors say Linda Robra, Severance's former girlfriend, unknowingly bought him the .22 caliber weapons in 2012 that were used in the murders of Ron Kirby and Ruthann Lodato. Robra said "Charlie" moved into her Ashburn townhouse in March 2011 and had a key. He left in March 2014.

Robra also identified him in court saying that his beard is little longer now. He always groomed it while he lived with her, she testified. He never had a job then but paid $400 in rent. He told her that he used money from the sale of a house in Cumberland to pay the rent.

Robra described her relationship with Severance as romantic. She also said that they had a social life, visiting her relatives as well as his parents, two sisters and two friends. 

He spoke to her about being separated from his son, said Robra. Robra testified that he told her someone from the Alexandria police department came into his home through a window and removed his son from his home."

She told the court that Severance felt that if there was a threat to his family then he was entitled to kill people.   

He did not like law enforcement, said Robra, and said that he took particular interest in shootings when watching the news. "Anytime a police officer was shot he thought that was a good thing," said Robra.

She also said he did not like the legal system. She heard him talk about "killing judges, cops and their families" and that once of his phrases was "The only good cop is a dead cop."

During cross-examination, Robra told the defense that she never took any of those statements seriously and that he never named anybody.   


Prosecutors showed a gun order with Severance's handwriting ordering low-velocity subsonic ammunition. Robra said that she had never heard of such ammunition and that "that was Charlie's idea."  The ammunition was purchased at Loudoun Guns.

The prosecutors also showed a map of the gun store in Severance's writing. Robra stated that Severance was in the car and that he is not supposed to be in gun stores.

Robra bought the two guns on two different dates. She kept one gun in a desk drawer and the other gun in the bedroom. She acknowledged that Severance knew where the guns and ammunition were kept. He also showed her how to load and use a .22 caliber revolver.

One time, Robra told the court, she saw Severance cleaning a gun and asked him, "I thought you don't have to clean the gun unless they had been fired?"

She later discovered one of the .22 caliber revolvers missing when two detectives came to house two days after he left in March 2014. One of the detectives left a card on her car, asking her to call, which she did. She was  told to get Severance to call the officer. Four days after the card was left, she Severance whether or not he planned to talk to police. When he told him know, she told him to "pack his bags."

When he did leave, she discovered both her .22 revolvers and ammunition were missing, Robra testified. Her other .38 revolvers were still there. She told prosecutors that no one else knew where the .22 revolvers were during that time frame. 

When the defense questioned Robra, she testified that she had a normal, stable relationship with Severance and did not take seriously his statements that certain people should be shot. Robra confirmed that she told a detective that Severance was sweet, helped around the house and that she was not afraid of him. 

Robra testified that she was substitute teaching at Loudoun County Schools on November 11, 2013, the day Kirby was murdered, and on February 6th, 2014,  the day Lodato was murdered. A month Later, after detectives questioned her, she looked for the  22 caliber guns and they were missing. Severance had left town. 

Court began Tuesday morning with a Ford vehicle expert testifying about Severance's Escort. Last week, prosecutors showed the jury surveillance video captured by a camera in victim Ruthanne Lodato's neighborhood that they allege places Severance near the scene of the crime. In the video, a red Ford Escort that prosecutors say is Severance's can be seen driving on Braddock Road a flew blocks from Lodato's home minutes after shooting.

Next, a witness who met Charles Severance from couchsurfing.org when he needed a place to stay took the stand. Teresa Mooney said when she met him he looked very sophisticated, handsome almost. She pointed him out in court.

She later learned about the board game he created called "Mental Disorder, and said, "I realized he wasn't a normal person and that I didn't feel safe." A former girlfriend also testified about playing the board game that he created about the history of psychology and psychiatry.

He told Mooney that he wasn't allowed to go back home because he accidentally hurt his child, according to Mooney. She said he was "so angry" when he started talking about the "police, sheriff and the judge that took his baby." She described him as being "very, very irate and angry, jumping up and down, clenching his fists."

According to Mooney, Severance "had a psychotic break...he went from being one person to another." 

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