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Old Town Alexandria floods after Friday's rain | News

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Old Town Alexandria floods after Friday's rain

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- Hurricane Joaquin may have bypassed the D.C. area, but heavy rains have still left high water in Old Town Alexandria.

The normally bustling business district was quiet Saturday afternoon. Some people came to Alexandria just to check out the impact of the storm.

"I predicted maybe about 6-7 inches," said 11-year-old Christopher Brooks.

He may only be 11 years old, but Christopher is certain of his future career. He wants to be a meteorologist.

"You get to go outside and stand in big puddles like this, or hurricanes. It's just amazing," said Christopher.

Christopher is so interested in meteorology that he convinced his father and grandmother to bring him to Old Town Alexandria to see the flooding.

"I think Hurricane Joaquin is not really going to damage it as much, but I think we're still going to see a lot of rain from that storm," said Christopher.

Not only is Christopher riveted by meteorology, his family said his forecasts are remarkably accurate.

"I'm amazed. He's spot on when it comes to the weather. So I usually plan my day around his forecast," said Anneliese Clark, Christopher's grandmother.

"He watches the Weather Channel on cable. Sometimes he'll go on his computer and look at the weather patterns," said Sean Brooks, Christopher's father.

Businesses at the end of King Street in Alexandria were still open, but just barely.

Don't put the umbrellas away just yet. Christopher said more rain is on its way.

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