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Fmr. FBI Agent Tunisia Davis a no-show in federal court | News

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Fmr. FBI Agent Tunisia Davis a no-show in federal court

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- A bizarre case involving a former FBI agent who made violent threats at the CIA last Thursday just got a little stranger. Tunisia Davis never made it to her federal court date in Alexandria.

Ex-FBI agent to appear in court for CIA incident

According to the US Marshals Service, Davis was so uncooperative, she couldn't be transported to the courthouse without using force.

Last week, Davis posted a bizarre video to a Facebook page in the days before she showed up at the gates of the National Security Agency and later, at the CIA.

"Hi. My name is Tunisia Davis. I'm a former special agent with the FBI. This is what my mug shot looked like when they arrested me a few years ago," she said in the 'selfie' video.

"Guess what? I'm declaring my intention of running for the President of the United States. I'm going to become a Republican," she added.

Federal court records reveal Davis made violent threats at the CIA, saying she wanted to "die of police brutality." She told officers if she could get a gun, she'd use it to "kill everyone around her." Davis also said "she'd strap a bomb on herself and blow everyone up," according to charging documents.

On the day of her arrest, Davis sang an erratic medley and posted another series of disturbing rants—against police, the President, the Secret Service and the FBI, whom she says determined she was bipolar.

"I am no longer an investigator. The FBI made sure of that," said Davis, on video.

Davis is facing a felony charge of assaulting or impeding a police officer. She worked for the FBI from 2004 through 2010. The judge has ordered her committed to Carswell, a federal medical center in Fort Worth, Texas. There, she will have a psychiatric evaluation and treatment for at least 30 days.

Davis' next court date in Alexandria is set for June 16.


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