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Besides the senseless taking of a young life, what struck me about the September 11th murder of a Central High School student was the time of day that it occurred, between 6:30 and 7 in the morning.

Teenage scholars now have to rise in the wee hours to meet institutional start times at the crack of dawn - or earlier, depending on the season. Academic schedules have been adjusted to accomodate after school practices for those that are on sports teams. At the same time, there is less of a gym requirement for ALL students enrolled in this age of a childhood obesity epidemic, although those living outside the ever increasing busing perimeter get to walk, in this instance, over two miles one way. This makes about as much sense as rousing adolescents out of bed against their circadian rhythms and expecting them to absorb what is being taught in the classroom while they are half asleep.

Titans Open Basketball Season with Parker-Gray Game on Dec. 3

From Alexandria City Public Schools:

The 2011-12 T.C. Williams High School basketball season opens this Saturday, Dec. 3, with the T.C. Williams Titans hosting the Wakefield Warriors for the annual Parker-Gray versus Hoffman-Boston game, celebrating the legacy of the African-American high schools of Alexandria and Arlington. T.C. Williams and Wakefield team members will be sporting their throwback uniforms.

Come out and meet some of the original female and male athletes who competed for these schools and started the original rivalry. Starting at 2 p.m., the freshman and junior varsity boys' and girls' teams will be playing. The girls' varsity game will start at 6, followed by the boys' varsity game at 8.

Admission is only $5 for a day of basketball. Come join in the fun and watch every level of the basketball program. Remember, if you come early, the Northern Region requires you to purchase another ticket to re-enter if you leave.