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Is Chicken The Model Of The American Family?

My observation is that the history of the social structure of man-woman relationships, especially in America, is strongly influenced, if not actually based upon, the social pecking order of chickens. Yummy, factory farmed chickens.  Bare with me.  The man, in very basic tradition, represents the stronger of the sexes, the provider, the authoritarian, and the head of the household.  The woman is supposed to represent purity, to be submissive, and hardworking at her tasks at home...the stereotypical feminine path to righteousness, right?  While there are exceptions among individuals and families, the fowl air of poultriarchal society still forms a blanket that covers and permeates the nervous tissue of many relationships. 

Do You Know How Much You Love Cheese?

We all love cheese, right?  I haven't met many who don't enjoy a melt in your mouth parm or a creamy mouthful of brie with a warm and crusty baguette.  This is for all of you.

Potsherds (broken pieces of pottery) found in archaeological digs in Northern Europe have revealed evidence of cheese making in that part of the world as early as 6000BC.  As a naturally preserved source of protein and fat, various cheeses have nourished much of Europe, the Middle East, and other parts of the world for many thousands of years.  This is something that cannot be ignored when questioning whether or not cheese is "good for you" or if it fits into your dietary regimine.  Keep an open mind.

A Change In The Guard

Friends, we are in the midst of a global paradigm shift in health care. At the center of these changes are health and nutrition counselors, wellness coaches of various niches and specialties, acupuncturists, organic farmers, independent film makers, and the list now goes on and on. For example, healing modalities like TCM and Ayurveda are healing systems which promote health using natural, nontoxic substances and which recognizes the important role of the mind and emotions. A paradigm is a model used to explain how and why events happen the way they do, and as mankind's comprehension of the universe evolves, new paradigms emerge. The best example of paradigm shifts is in the field of modern physics. The classical Newtonian explanation of the world which for two hundred years was accepted as reality has now been replaced by quantum mechanics, superstrings, and field theory. In the old paradigm, every event had a definite cause and every action had an equal and opposite reaction.

Combating Childhood Obesity on School Campuses

Combating Childhood Obesity on School Campuses

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly 17 percent of all children are now considered obese, triple the percentage of a generation ago. Meanwhile, schools across the country have implemented vending machines, in an effort to raise funds. Unfortunately, those machines have traditionally been stocked with unhealthy items. Today, however, vending machines are available that are stocked with all-natural and healthy foods, which could be an important step in helping to combat childhood obesity on campus.

“The ability to put a healthy vending machine on campus is essential,” explains Jolly Backer, the chief executive officer of Fresh Healthy Vending (www.freshvending.com), a company specializing in vending machines that are stocked with all-healthy options. “It gives kids and college students access to quick, convenient foods that are also packed with the nutrition they need.”

Alexandria Massage Therapy Gets a Facelift, Offers Summer Specials

Alexandria Massage Therapy Gets a Facelift, Offers Summer Specials


Alexandria Massage Therapy has undergone some recent transformations.  Leslie Luckritz, President and Owner of the studio, is the fourth owner since the business first opened in 1992.

Part of the facelift includes all new carpets, repainting, and adding new décor. No chemical paint was used, and it was entirely repainted in one week so that business could continue. The space now has a relaxing, comforting feel with lots of dark purples, dark reds, greens, and yellows in line with the Moroccan theme. Check out this slideshow for photos of the new look.

“We’ve gone with a simple theme that runs all the way through the business to help create a more relaxing place for your mind, as well as for your body,” said Luckritz.

Kingstowne Acoustic Music Offering Free Lessons to Support American Heart Association

From David Evans:

Free Lessons, live music food and drinks.  Demonstrations on CPR, blood pressure screenings at various times provided by Franconia Volunteer Fire and EMS.  Heart attack and heart disease educational material provided by American Heart Association.
When: July 16th 10:00am-6:00pm and Sunday July 17th 12:00 noon till 5:00pm
Where:  Kingstowne Acoustic Music 5830 Kingstowne Center #110 Alexandria, VA 22315 (703) 822-9090
Instruments provided during lesson for those not owning their own instrument.
Please consider making a donation to American Heart Association.