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Is Chicken The Model Of The American Family? | Environment

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Is Chicken The Model Of The American Family?

My observation is that the history of the social structure of man-woman relationships, especially in America, is strongly influenced, if not actually based upon, the social pecking order of chickens. Yummy, factory farmed chickens.  Bare with me.  The man, in very basic tradition, represents the stronger of the sexes, the provider, the authoritarian, and the head of the household.  The woman is supposed to represent purity, to be submissive, and hardworking at her tasks at home...the stereotypical feminine path to righteousness, right?  While there are exceptions among individuals and families, the fowl air of poultriarchal society still forms a blanket that covers and permeates the nervous tissue of many relationships. 

The family unity that once existed at the dinner table, when free-range whole roast chicken, turkey, or goose was carved and served, has gradually been replaced by the serving of an inferior product consisting of precarved parts or frozen bits of something that vaguely resembles -- yet is not even close to being -- a real chicken.  

The care and attention given to the preparation of chicken as a main course by great-grandma certainly did impart, in those who participated in her feast of fowl and fixin's, the energetics of a healthy, free-running animal that seasoned lively conversation with humorous, and sometimes inappropriate anectodes. 

Now, however, the fast-food industry offers their fare of chicken fragments, seasoned with hormones and chemicals, to dismembered families.  Mealtime communication -- devoid of any listening -- revolves around the plague of disease spiced and garnished with arguments about being right. 

Light and cool air make for lively chickens.  The lack of these, along with numerous antibiotics used to control disease, has served to weaken chickens and increase the strength of pathogenic bacteria.  In poultry, as in humans, bacteria and viruses are having a field day in modern society.  Indeed, they are just about the only species getting stronger, instead of weaker.  What's up, Science?  They build up resistance to the antibiotics, and this creates the need for more research into disease control by those specialists who have fallen prey to their own beliefs.  Finally, people ingest all of these disease-related factors.  The result of consuming this mutated, medicated life form that bares little comparison to it's original genome, has further resulted in non-thinking beings with immunological weakness and the inability to resist the social disease of control and domination. 

A far cry from Grandma's Sunday dinner.