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I do not write this in any way to condone the alleged corruption that the McDonnells are charged with. However, since the we seem to have gone from the "crush" defense to mocking and maligning Maureen's "nut bag" mental health, may I suggest that the type of behavior described so far, including the moodiness, the erratic, seemingly irrational acts evincing a lack of judgment, and the exertion of independence, "smells like Menopause spirit." The former First Lady's championing of Jonnie Williams' supplement would be consistent with her trying to deal with "the change" in the most natural way possible. Ironically, as anyone familiar with the bombardment of advertising concerning this normal life passage knows, to do that, and not medicate the symptoms away, is for the most part treated as a crime. Speaking as someone who refused physician pushed hormone replacement herself, and suffered through the inconvenience, Mrs. McDonnell should not be punished - twice - for a philosophical choice.
That said, given the focus on and fascination with the derogatory details and marital minutiae that have come to light, perhaps her legal team should mine the salacious sideshow for its evidentiary value, and attempt to break new ground by arguing the "M" word as a specific subset of the "crazy" defense. It would be less contrived than their obviously staged opening statement approach, yet somewhat inclusive of it, and would probably resonant more with the jury. In addition, it would cast the former Governor in a sympathetic light as a harried husband just trying to cope, placate, and endure his wife's "reverse adolescence, " and be more effective and respected than the tactic of throwing the Missus under the bus.
If my theory is correct, in being candid, Mrs. McDonnell has an opportunity not only to help herself, and potentially her spouse - translation: stay out of jail - but also to be of public service to women and middle aged couples everywhere by shining a spotlight on a subject in a way it is not commonly allowed to be portrayed. Just a thought from a not so pricey attorney...

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