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With all the focus on the implications of the "insecurity" of the former Secretary of State's secret server - and will she or won't she be indicted - why is there not at least an equal fixation on the more likely than not connected by e-mail Clinton cash scandal? It's the speaking fees and foundation financial exploits and her abuse of the last office she held that Hillary is trying to hide, stupid! ...Bob McDonnell...need I say more...


Everyone's reading too much - on the positive side - into the Supreme Court's stay of the start of Bob McDonnell's prison sentence pending its decision on whether or not to hear his appeal.



I do not write this in any way to condone the alleged corruption that the McDonnells are charged with. However, since the we seem to have gone from the "crush" defense to mocking and maligning Maureen's "nut bag" mental health, may I suggest that the type of behavior described so far, including the moodiness, the erratic, seemingly irrational acts evincing a lack of judgment, and the exertion of independence, "smells like Menopause spirit." The former First Lady's championing of Jonnie Williams' supplement would be consistent with her trying to deal with "the change" in the most natural way possible. Ironically, as anyone familiar with the bombardment of advertising concerning this normal life passage knows, to do that, and not medicate the symptoms away, is for the most part treated as a crime. Speaking as someone who refused physician pushed hormone replacement herself, and suffered through the inconvenience, Mrs.



                                                              MADE IN THE USA 
     A young, unarmed African American male is gunned down in Ferguson, MO in what appears to be overaggressive law enforcement, followed by the use of DOD surplus and military tactics to contain the subsequent protests.



The latest on the missing Malaysian plane is that its computerized flight path was deliberately altered - that first off course turn - maybe even before it left the runway. The primary focus of the investigation seems to be clearly on the pilot and co-pilot, because, well, no one else on board seems to have had the requisite expertise. I have a different theory - remote hackers.
Think about this scenario. The data breach that targeted Target and other retailers, no pun intended, using malware created by a Russian teen who was never implicated, occurred during the busy shopping season associated with the religious holiday of Christmas. MH 370 went missing at the start of Lent, a time again widely observed by Christians, and close to the one year anniversary of the ascendancy of a Pope who, for lack of a better term, is packing them into the pews.



While the nation grieves yet another mass shooting, there was one voice curiously absent from the solemn discourse. Just where was John McCain, former Navy man, who these past few weeks seemed to be ubiquitous, agitating for an attack on Assad? Busy lobbing pejoratives about Putin into Russia via Pravda, trying to overthrow yet another foreign official he dislikes and disagrees with, this time with poison pen. Military force...verbal intervention.

If as Shakespeare said, "all the world's a stage," it is wise to know when to exit. For the Arizona Senator, it's time. Before he embarrasses himself, his constituents - and this country - and is defined a la Joe Paterno by a sad end to an otherwise illustrious career. "McCain Potatohead." A sobriquet to be shunned.




When Gabrielle Giffords was shot, I thought for sure Congress would rally for reform. After all, she was one of their own. Nope. Subsequently, there were other mass shootings, and cities with increases in individual homicides - the President's adopted hometown comes to mind - all provoking rhetorical rubbernecking - a passing, pensive pause replete with maligning monikers and divisive, derisive "debate," but no affirmative, ameliorative action. And then came Newtown, where most of the victims were very young children. Surely that would get our lawmakers to champion the cause, the politicians and babies "thing." And it did, for a while, until it didn't.

Syria & the Navy Yard Shootings: Not So Far Apart

    It was just a few weeks ago that Obama was ready to unilaterally lob missiles into Syria because he did not like how its current leader behaved in the world. Yesterday Aaron Alexis, apparently frustrated with how the US military, directly or indirectly his employer over recent years, was treating him, decided to bring firearms into the Navy Yard and kill some people. What's the difference? Both are "workplace disputes;" only the weapons used and scale of possible destruction, not the underlying basic intent and forum, vary. Both are "cowardly acts" - what happens when a person - or a nation - perceives control slipping and feels powerless. It has been this way in this country since 9/11. Top down. Follow the Leader. War and mass shootings. Not so far apart. Think about it...