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WHS Alumni Update: March 23, 2012 | Community Spirit

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WHS Alumni Update: March 23, 2012
WHS Alumni Update: March 23, 2012

We’re following the journeys of more of our WHS alumni families this Friday!


“Here are some pictures of Koi in his new home. I thought he would be a little scared at first and hide under the bed, but as soon as we got home he started roaming around the apartment, and he hasn't stopped exploring! Thanks for everything the Washington Humane Society has done for him!”

-Jarrett Gross, Koi’s new companion


“Where to start? She is absolutely wonderful, and I swear we fall more in love with her every day. She loves being outside, loves walks, loves other dogs and loves people.  She has a huge yard to run around in at her new home in Louisiana, plus lots of green space on the levee. She looks really healthy and stops traffic everywhere she goes.” 

-Liz Beirise, Daffodil’s adopter


Honey moved to California! In 2009, Honey's polite and attentive personality earned her a spot working with wounded warriors in our Dog Tags program. This helped her to then become the first pit bull type dog at our Georgia Avenue adoption center to earn her American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Award. Now a loving companion to her forever family, Honey's move west seemed a bit tricky at first as her owners found that many potential landlords were reluctant to rent a home to a family with a pit bull. Happily, the family was committed to combating prevalent pit bull stereotypes, and by sharing Honey's great story (read more here), they found a happy home. We are excited for this WHS family's new adventure as they leave the cold weather behind for sunny CA!


We loved seeing Kahla's happy ending photo! Kahla lived for a time in the front office of our Georgia Avenue adoption center while she recovered from demodectic mange. We are so happy she’s found a loving forever home!

George (“Monkey”)

Sylvie Bleker from the Netherlands was in town on an extended business trip and found herself missing the company of her feline companions at home. After researching the necessary arrangements to transport a new furry friend overseas, she came to the WHS adoption center in January. She immediately fell in love with Monkey (now named George), who is currently keeping her company at her pet-friendly hotel until they eventually fly back to the Netherlands to unite this new forever family.

“Monkey is an adorable cat…The best thing is: he has a best friend, ‘mouse.’ He does not play with toys. He only plays with a little plush gray mouse. He takes it in his mouth everywhere. One day I came back from the office and Monkey wasn’t there to greet me. I heard a small cry from the bathroom and there they were: Monkey and mouse in the bathtub. He made little cries. I thought he wanted me to take mouse out of the tub, which I did. Stupid! He went to the room to get mouse back in the tub and cried again. He looked at the water tap. He wanted me to put the water on dripping mode. He stayed there with mouse, playing for half an hour, trying to catch the water drops. Afterward he took the mouse and both came out of the tub, completely happy with their new found game. I think that’s sweet and smart.”