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Everyday Life: 'Free' Parking???!!! | Community Spirit

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Everyday Life: 'Free' Parking???!!!

On a weekday a fortnight ago, as I went to return and pick up books at Burke Library, I encountered for the first time after many years, a security guard. Since the parking lot was full, I had pulled up to the curb where he was standing for a quick in and out. Nothing I had not done many times before. He "greeted" me by quizzing me on my intended destination and threatening to tow my car. As a longtime patron of the facility, I was shocked and offended.

Yes, I understand that employees newly assigned to BRAC may be looking for places to park in the surrounding area given the space limitations of the on site garage. And the owners of Seminary Plaza are notoriously known to be "tow happy;" if you park THERE to go to the doctors and come back to pop into the shops later, your vehicle will most likely be gone. So that option is unavailable, although serious money could be made by renting some of the largely vacant spaces out and perhaps generating sales.

But is a watchman an expense the City needs to be incurring in these tough economic times? I think not. To the best of my knowledge, overflow from adjacent locations can, and do regularly park during the daytime hours on the property of The Encore. I am offering that insight to those not in the know, hoping that if followed, and not abused, it might save the sentry's salary. And since I reside in that complex, from now on I'll walk when I have business at the bibliotheque...