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 While night after night at the RNC speakers extol the hegemony of  America's exceptionalism, Isaac came ashore in the Gulf, exposing the easy destructibility of our Third World infrastructure, laughing all the way. Just because Tampa missed being the epicenter of this storm does not mean "the hard truth" can be continued to be ignored.

    For those looking to take up residence in our national seat of power, I have one word - Derecho. Rest assured that the third time in 2012 a catastrophe strikes won't be the charm. It's time for capital improvements. 

$8.5 Million Lake Manassas Project Completed by Manassas Utilities

$8.5 Million Lake Manassas Project Completed by Manassas Utilities

Manassas Utilities and Public Works Dept. Completes Multi-Million Construction Project


Although born and bred in upstate New York, I have lived in Northern Virginia for 31 years. This election cycle, the Commonwealth is a battleground in the Presidential race, and by virtue of anticipated coattails, negative or positive, in the Senatorial one as well. For what seems like an eternity, residents have endured increasingly nasty TV ads, and it isn't even post convention, post Labor Day!  Candidates have been crisscrossing the state in attack dog mode, spewing gall and gaffes, attempting to drum up support. I want to buy earplugs.

5 Ways To Know If Your Realtor Is Tech Savvy (Does it even matter?)

5 Ways To Know If Your Realtor Is Tech Savvy (Does it even matter?)

Does it really matter whether or not your Realtor is “Tech Savvy”?

The answer is a resounding YES!

As a Buyer or Seller, it really doesn’t matter whether YOU are into technology or not. We work with all kinds of folks and we adapt to whatever their comfort level & needs are when it comes to communication, home searching & more. And while technology can make buying or selling a home easier on you, it’s really not an absolute necessity that YOU be tech savvy.

So, whether you’re like my husband (who has a phone with no camera, no internet access and a flip top – he calls it a “dumb phone” instead of a “smart phone”) or you’re the first person in your office to get the latest gadget or download the newest app – you can be successful in buying or selling a home, doing it with the least inconvenience possible, and maximizing your exposure (if you’re selling) or your opportunity (if you’re buying.)


To understand why this might matter to you as a Buyer or a Seller, ask yourself these questions:

Five Things Every Entrepreneur Must Know about the JOBS Act

Five Things Every Entrepreneur Must Know about the JOBS Act

Recently, the bipartisan Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act became law, transforming how entrepreneurs can raise the money to grow their business. The JOBS Act expands the pool of potential investors, makes investing in small businesses more attractive and lowers the regulatory burden for more mature business of “going public.”  Savvy entrepreneurs should be aware of what the new legislation entails when forming a comprehensive strategy for raising capital and growth.

“The JOBS Act is a game changer for entrepreneurs and ‘Main Street’ businesses,” explains Rob Kaplan, a partner at the law firm Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank (KVCF). “Those who are unaware or don’t fully understand the implications may miss out on opportunities that are now becoming available.”

Here, briefly, is a list of five elements every entrepreneur needs to know about the JOBS Act:

The JOBS Act creates new “strata” of public securities:

What it Takes to Succeed in Business for 10 Years

What it Takes to Succeed in Business for 10 Years


The Small Business Administration estimates that approximately 550,000 new businesses open, each year, and that another 660,000 close. What’s more, only about a third of all businesses that open are expected to last to the 10-year mark. The people at CURLS, which just celebrated its 10-year mark, have learned some of the secrets to success, along the way, and what it takes to last for the long haul.

“I started out with a blueprint for what it would take to succeed in business, a full marketing and business plan,” explains Mahisha Dellinger, founder and chief executive officer of CURLS. “I also knew that I had a product that people needed."


With searing heat and higher utility bills, the City of Manassas’ Operation Round Up is in full force, where customers that authorize the City of Manassas to "round up" their monthly electric bill to the next higher dollar. If the bill is $73.80, it is rounded up to $74 and the extra 20 cents is contributed to the Operation Round Up® fund.  Single donations from customers are also accepted, simply by adding the additional dollars to their payment with a notice that the overpayment is for Operation Round Up. Funds are transferred to Department of Family Services for distribution. For details, go to www.manassascity.org or call 703-257-8266.