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                                                         THINK OUTSIDE THE DIGITAL BOX

     There is an obvious point being lost in the discourse over the continuing difficulties with the ObamaCare web based exchanges, now twenty-one days old. The vision of medical care for all Americans has been around for over fifty years, well predating the Internet. So if such a program had been instituted at any point between the New Deal and Hillarycare, how would it have been implemented? My guess is pen and paper, with the details of the choices - in the current instance, state by state - in a booklet with accompanying forms to complete the sign up.
     Why can't we do that NOW, either by a mass mailing or by utilizing health fairs or public access situations - you can still get basic tax forms at the library, for instance - in order to assist interested citizens in meeting the December 15th deadline, instead of placing all the emphasis, and blame, on HealthCare.gov, while hoping for an IT solution?

     Not everyone has access to the Internet, or even knowledge of how to navigate it. Pretty much all of US get mail - support the Postal Service!  Dream big...think simple...and outside the digital box...And always, in a roll out of this magnitude and historical significance, at the inception, have a Plan B...and Plan C...and...