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            PAGING DR. PHIL
     Without one Republican vote, a different Congress passed Obamacare,
More or less sans reading the 2,500 pages, 
     Kind of like marrying someone on a blind date,
Or only after knowing them through Internet "exchanges!"
     Now this Congress, particularly the House GOP,
Clearly want to date awhile before donning the wedding gown,
     "Cruz"ing to bruise the Affordable Care Act,
Failure to divorce got US a government shutdown.
     But that law is the President's legacy,
Bitter parties now fighting over custody of their "children,"
     Harry Reid wants to debate the opposition's "signature" sequestration,
Each side grabbing for the family jewels to get the other to give in.
     Trying to link across the board, automatic spending cuts with raising the debt ceiling,
And the new health care law with the 350,000 Feds still out of work,
     Making fiscal decisions while in an emotionally heightened state,
Going for "defeat" as if it were a reason to pop the cork.
     Talking, but not listening, except perhaps to financial markets,
Dueling temporary "settlement" offers almost daily from both sides of the Hill,
     Forget Biden, perhaps for a "Relationship Rescue," if not now,
Then at the first sign of the next, inevitable manufactured crisis - paging Dr. Phil!