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     I recently had occasion to visit the INOVA Imaging Center - Mark Center for two MRIs. As I approached the building,  I was surprised to be greeted by an automated pay parking kiosk, which was not there on my last trip to the area, to eat dinner at Clyde's, approximately a year ago.
     When I entered the medical facility, I handed the clerk behind the counter my ticket to validate. She promptly pointed me to an apparatus in the entranceway where it was done electronically. I was told the formerly FREE - and ample - parking was eliminated this past December, about the time BRAC became fully operational, apparently with the intent to capitalize on the limited availability of commuter parking at the military installation. But ANYONE can come into ANY of the now barricaded buildings' lobbies and validate their ticket and not pay a cent, completely defeating the purpose of the new system  - and the cost of the equipment. I'm sure many motorists have already caught on, resulting in minimal return to those who made the investment. Wouldn't the better tactic have been to install parking validation units IN EACH OFFICE, a little more upfront expense, but in accord with the reason for the newly erected barriers - the collection of money?
     I have to wonder, given this misguided execution of such a simple concept, what can be expected from the five companies which the City has entrusted with the redevelopment of the Beauregard corridor  - and that also do business widely around the DC Metro area - when it comes time to tackle the project's bigger, more substantial and complicated issues going forward. Just a thought...which in all of this, seems to be sorely lacking.     

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