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Vending Machines Make Technological Advances, Offering Organic Espresso Coffee, Health Food, Digital | Business

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Vending Machines Make Technological Advances, Offering Organic Espresso Coffee, Health Food, Digital
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Vending Machines Make Technological Advances, Offering Organic Espresso Coffee, Health Food, Digital


Vending machines have come a long way. While they started out being drab, boring, and stocked with often times old junk food options, today they are anything but. The new trend in vending machines today are those that are brightly colored, sleek, and high tech. So much so that they are stocked with all healthy foods options, and even grind up coffee beans and serve up a cup of organic coffee within seconds. In the vending industry, times have certainly changed, and that change has been fueled by a tech-savvy society.

“Why high tech vending and why now?” says Dan Negroni, chief executive officer of Fresh Healthy Vending, the nationwide leader in healthy vending. “It’s really clear to us that for most people it's about convenience and the ability to buy high quality products, such as organic coffee drinks and healthy snacks, at the office or in the front of a retail store. For retailers, it's about introducing new products that enhances the customer experience and keeps them in the store shopping longer.”

In grocery stores across the U.S. people rent movies and video games from big Red Boxes. At last count there were over 45,000 of the machines currently operating. At Airports and Shopping Malls across the U.S., consumers can purchase iPads, Droid Phones, Digital Camera’s, High End Beauty Products, and even Language Software from a giant automated kiosks, as well as being able to download movies to a portable flash drive that will play on their computer.

The economics make it easy to see why retailers are turning to vending machines for all types of product offerings. Retail stores produce about $250 a square foot a year in sales, while a 9 square foot vending machine can generate $5,000 to $10,000 a square foot a year, according to Negroni. For office managers and business owners it’s about lowering company insurance premiums by offering healthier snack and drink options to employees as well as keeping employees productive and in their desks. Corporate Wellness policies are becoming a part of almost any business with over 75 employees.

Fresh Healthy Vending, with over 1,700 locations nationwide and who recently introduced the Fresh Healthy Vending Café, understands consumer needs when it comes to offering specialty coffee drinks and healthy eating options, and knows the “sky’s the limit” when it comes to how many locations the machines can be placed in.

Do these new high tech vending machines mean the end of brick and mortar retail stores? “Not really,” says Negroni. “They just complement what specialty retail stores offer by their ability to be almost everywhere people are everyday. We see this as just the beginning of the new self-service revolution that is taking hold in the U.S. and why this is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a flexible business with no employees necessary.”

For more information on having a Fresh Healthy Café placed in your location at no cost in your area, please visit www.freshvending.com or call (858) 210-4200.


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Business, Health, News