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The Breath Of Broccoli |

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The Breath Of Broccoli

In my studies I have come to accept rather easily that our life expectancy is directly proportional to our lung capacity.  For the majority of people living in or near metropolitan areas, traffic, secondhand smoke, and environmental toxins accelerate loss of breathing capacity and increase the incidence of lung cancer.  However, antioxidant rich veggies such as broccoli and leafy green things (kale, chard, beet and mustard greens, collards) can help mitigate these effects.  Look at a leaf of chard - kind of looks like a lung, yes?  Traditional Chinese Medicine will argue that one reason why these foods are beneficial to the lungs is because they resemble the organ.  Much like a walnut looks like a brain, and we know as fact that the EFA's contained in that brain shaped nut (equipped with two hemispheres, just like us!) is excellent brain food.  Beyond green leafy things, studies have also shown that folks who eat apples on a daily basis had better lung function than those who ate no apples.  Broccoli, the beautiful cruciferous powerhouse contains the antioxidant isothiocynates which reduces your risk of lung cancer.  Whatever you choose, just make sure you get it in you, and chew well.