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Fresh Healthy Vending Café Serves Up an Exclusive New Machine | Business

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Fresh Healthy Vending Café Serves Up an Exclusive New Machine
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Fresh Healthy Vending Café Serves Up an Exclusive New Machine

We are a nation that loves its coffee. So much so, in fact, that according to the Harvard School of Public Health, 54 percent of American adults consume coffee on a daily basis, with 3 cups being the average per person. The country as a whole spends some $40 billion per year on coffee. Now, with the launch of Fresh Healthy Vending Café, java lovers can get a cup of gourmet organic coffee with the push of a button.

“The exclusive Fresh Healthy Vending Café machines are the first of what Fresh Healthy Vending expects to be a wave of new vending machines from the company over the coming years,” explained Dan Negroni, the chief executive officer and president of Fresh Healthy Vending (www.freshvending.com). “We believe that Fresh Healthy Vending Café will almost certainly represent meaningful growth market for the company.”

The Fresh Healthy Vending Café machines feature a revolutionary design whereby consumers can, with the push of a button, get gourmet ground organic coffee. Prices ranging from just $1.25 to $2.00 per cup, with options including organic black coffee, organic black coffee with cream, organic vanilla cappuccino, espresso, and chai vanilla tea. Once the consumer makes their coffee selection, the machine grinds the whole coffee beans, extracts espresso, froths the milk, and disposes of the grounds, all within 40 seconds. The Fresh Healthy Vending Café machine is the only combo machine to offer gourmet ground coffee its flagship healthy snack and drink options including 100-percent fruit juices, smoothies, iced tea, and baked chips.

The special blend of organic coffee, as well as the actual machine itself is exclusive to Fresh Healthy Vending Café, will be a welcome option for those seeking the benefits that organics provide, including reducing their exposure to the potentially harmful pesticides that are typically used in conventional crop processes.

“Within less than a minute, our machine serves up a great cup of gourmet coffee that tastes equivalent to a cup from any upscale coffee bar which can be coupled with a healthy snack,” adds Negroni. “It’s like going to the gourmet coffee shop we all know and love -- Now that’s a winner, wouldn’t you agree?”

The company envisions the 3-foot-by-3-foot Fresh Healthy Vending Café going into schools, retailers, colleges, gas stations and office buildings, among other places. Since Fresh Healthy Vending already has machines placed in over 1,500 locations across America and Canada, the company is confident that many of these locations will be interested in the addition of the Fresh Healthy Vending Café machines.

Fresh Healthy Vending is known for revolutionizing the vending machine industry, by focusing on exclusive new high-tech machines that feature all healthy natural food options, including yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables, smoothies, and baked chips. Their machines are currently located in such places as school campuses, office buildings, workout facilities, hospitals, and military bases. To learn more Fresh Healthy Vending or Fresh Healthy Vending Café machines, visit their site at www.freshhealthyvending.com.

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