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Can Pets Predict Bad Weather? | Pets

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Can Pets Predict Bad Weather?

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA) -- Pet owner Steve Womack said his collie would pace back and forth and bark at the windows before the first rain drop.  He's a believer in his dog's sixth sense.

In fact, a poll conducted by the Associated Press and Petside.com found 72% of dog owners and 66% of cat owners are convinced of their pets' animal instincts.

At the Animal Welfare League in Alexandria, education and training manager Suzanne D'Alonzo agreed with scientists who believe it is connected to the change in barometric pressure.

"Because they rely on different skills, they are more aware of changes in pressure that we tune out," she explained.

Dogs are known to pace, pant, or drool in advance of a storm. Cats may sleep more or run and hide. 

However, D'Alonzo said even though your pets are born with a sixth sense, it is still your responsibility to make they're safe in the elements.

Written by Delia Goncalves