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Arlington Pushes Back Car Tax Deadline To October 15 | News

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Arlington Pushes Back Car Tax Deadline To October 15

ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA) -- People in Arlington County, Virginia are getting an extension on paying their personal property tax bills, also known as the "car tax." That is because a lot of them have not received their bills yet.

Arlington County delayed the mailing of 115,000 personal property tax bills due to a printing error. The county treasurer said the forms from Graphics Communications were defective. The cost of reprinting will be picked up by the graphics company. But the end result means the tax bills did not go out early enough to give taxpayers time to meet the October 5 deadline to pay their taxes.

Instead, taxpayers will get until October 15th to pay the car tax bill for the next year. Under Virginia law, taxpayers must get 30 days between the bills being mailed and the tax's due date. Arlington pushed back the deadline in order to meet the 30-day requirement. "It is unfortunate that the bills could not be mailed in a timely fashion this year," said Arlington County Treasurer Frank O'Leary in a press release on the county's website. "We regret this inconvenience for residents and the concern that it has caused." The county said it mailed 45,000 bills to residents last week. The remaining 70,000 will go out this week.

The printing error also affected personal property tax bills in the cities of Falls Church and Alexandria, Va. There is no mention on those cities' websites about any delays to deal with the defective forms.

Personal property taxes are levied in Arlington County on "cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, motor homes, trailers, semitrailers, boats, and aircraft," according to the county's website. Tax must be paid on any vehicle kept in the county. Upon paying the tax, property owners are given a colored decal to put next to a state inspection sticker. County police issue tickets to people who keep their cars in the county, but do not have a colored decal. The tax is levied in all cities and counties in Virginia.

Written by Dan Guzman

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