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Alexandria Couple Plans For Three Years At Sea | News

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Alexandria Couple Plans For Three Years At Sea

DEALE, Md. (WUSA) -- Peter Bonta and his wife LeeAnn Nelbach sold their home in Alexandria and are moving on to a 40 foot sailboat.

Nelbach sold her salon, and Bonta quit his job. They are planning to sail all over the world during the next three years. They are bringing their dog and cat along for the trip.

"We're going to head for St. Thomas... Bermuda... We're going to cross the Atlantic... Portugal, Spain, and through the Mediterranean," Bonta says.

He says they will avoid Somalia because of the threat of pirates. If anything goes wrong during their trip, they have a "ditch bag" with flares, a GPS device, and a raft.

The biggest hazard they've faced so far, is space.

"You are limited to how much clothing you can bring-- how much toiletries you can bring," Nelbach says.

They can convert salt water to drinking water, and produce their own electricity with solar panels.

"The number one question people ask us is, 'What do you do at night?' And we keep sailing," Bonta says.

The couple can't wait but say they'll miss their friends. When their three-year voyage is done, they'll go "wherever the wind takes us," Bonta says.

The couple plans to keep in touch with friends and family by using a satellite phone and Skype. 

Written by Lindsey Mastis
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