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City Of Alexandria Government Suffers Computer Network Glitch

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA) -- A problem with the computer network that services the City of Alexandria may make communication tricky for city staff this Monday morning.

According to the City of Alexandria website, the City government's computer network services are currently disrupted. The site says the outage affects some internal computer networking and the City government telephone system. Officials do not have an estimate on how long it may take to fix the problem.

The service disruption will make many City staff unable to answer phone calls, place phone calls, or check voicemail from their desks. City staff will return calls when service is restored.

The website says email to and from City accounts will be delayed as well. Some public websites will not be accessible or may not work correctly.

Capital One credit card charge-offs increase

Local credit giant Capital One (based in McLean, VA) has stated that its rate of uncollectible credit card balances increased in the third quarter. Initially, it seemed that consumers were showing progress in paying credit card bills, but with the rate of unemployment continuing to climb, consumers are concentrating on major bill payments such as mortgage and automobile payments.

Charge offs for Capital One have increased from $366.8 million to 368 million continuing to show that consumers are still under stress and enduring financial hardships. It has been noted that while consumers are attempting to make payments on their credit card debt, they are still delinquent in their payments.

It has been found that consumers are using credit cards for basic needs such as groceries, gas and prescription drug purchases. In addition, most consumers are carrying at least $10,000 in credit card debt and have at least 5 credit cards.

Favorite Restaurant

So, I have been in Chicago for the past few days getting out and checking out the sites - it is crazy how much that town has changed since I lived there. It’s always good to get back to my roots and the food there – unreal. I forget how many great restaurants there are out there and that is probably because I spend my life in one. So, I need some help. I don’t have much time to get out so I need some recommendations for some of Virginia and DC’s best restaurants. Any type of food, any type of ambiance – I just want to know what the next place is that I should try. Hook a brother up.

Also, in case you want to follow me further, check out my blog at http://stevenlukisblog.wordpress.com/. Look forward to seeing you there.

VOICE Alexandria Resolves Bland Relocation Issues

This was sent to us by Jennifer Knox of VOICE:

Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement (VOICE) will publicly recognize the successful resolution of a yearlong struggle to win a just relocation for James Bland public housing residents at the September 25 City Council meeting.

VOICE leaders pressed the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority (ARHA) and the Alexandria City Council for fair treatment in the relocation of about 180 families during the demolition and redevelopment of their homes. VOICE specifically asked for and won reimbursement of moving expenses for transferred residents and timely notice and right to view and accept their new home. VOICE insists these residents have first right of refusal to return to the newly developed property.


Who:        40 clergy, lay and tenant leaders from VOICE

How to save your breasts and your wallet by October 2nd!

Insurance companies state that they are willing to pay 100% of a "screening mammogram", but not for the “I think we found something”; what the @#!$ does that mean?  In my case, I felt a lump, and made the mistake of mentioning it to the technician during my mammogram.  Should I have mentioned the lump, or should have I played dumb?  Well, mentioning the lump cost me $600, and that is with my health insurance coverage (part of that was the “you need to come back because I think we found something” factor).  So two mammograms, $600 out of my pocket, two missed days of work, 4 weeks of no good sleep (because I could not get an appointment any earlier), and a potential ulcer from all the stress….it was normal!  Was it worth it?  Could I have done things differently? Well…. 

Soul & Sound: DC R&B Singer Debuts CD at 'The Carlyle'

ALEXANDRIA, VA (WUSA)-- Washington DC's Patrice Campbell celebrated the release of her debut album 'Garden of Love.'  Friends and family joined the R&B singer for a special performance at 'The Carlyle Club' in Alexandria.


Local Alexandria Salon Offers Styling Tips

Circe of Alexandria, a local salon and spa, is holding a Girl Scout Makeover session from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. on September 27, 2010 at the salon located at 123 N. Washington St. The salon hopes to educate a local Girl Scout troop how to use cosmetics and fashion correctly. 

Epic Media Relations states that according to a recent poll, girls between the ages of 13 and 17 are beginning to experiment with makeup. Circe of Alexandria hopes to help these teens and tweens make better fashion decisions, despite the influences in pop culture such as Snooki or Lady Gaga. Many local mothers have a battle with their young girls each morning as they get ready for school this back to school season. Now Circe de Alexandria is to the style rescue!